Gilda's Family Walk & 5K Run 2021

Chef Happy

Twice a month, for the past 2 1/2 years, I have spent Tuesday evenings attending the Spouses Bereavement Group at Gilda's Club. While our family has always supported Gilda's Club, I certainly never wanted to NEED Gilda's Club. And then, Jim died. My world was turned upside down. It was apparent that I needed help maneuvering through the grief process and that is when, with the encouragement of friends and family, I decided to see what Gilda's had to offer. This bi-weekly group embraced me, listened to me and supported me all without judgment. The open forum, filled with members who could relate and understand, soon became my safe place made up of people who quickly became a second family. With their encouragement and understanding, I have worked towards finding happiness again as well as being a better mother, grandmother, sister, cousin and friend. As time has passed, my role in the group has shifted. Now, I attend meetings during which I am the one helping others deal with their loss and grief. Through the support and friendship of the Spouses Group, I have grown and flourished. While my personal needs have evolved, one fact remains - Gilda's Club needs funds in order to continue this invaluable work. Please consider joining and/or donating to my team, Chef Happy, named for my beloved late husband, Jim. I hope to give back to Gilda’s Club a small piece of what Gilda’s has given to me and, with your help, I can.

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